Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Street

Silence..... Serenity.... The Sun was shining in the clear blue sky as a gentle breeze swept by. It had been like this for hours now and only the peaceful songs from birds off in the distance could be herd. My apathy was a distant thought as I stepped inside my new home away from home. It was inviting me to have a sit down as I wafted in the pleasant aroma of fresh tea and coffee being made. A smile began to slowly stretch across my face and I conceded to the aroma.

Mean while outside our sparkling clean ambulance shimmered in the sunlight. It was washed, waxed, armoralled, and detailed daily. Wait, did I say ambulance? Thats right I was at work. But wait this is not the internal burning inferno of  hell I normally describe to you.
I took a deep breathe and looked around, had I finally died at work responding to a call and now I had gone to a better place? I had plenty of close calls and  it would seem so but that was not the case. I was actually at work at my new station. As I mentioned in an earlier post I was rewarded for all my hard work and was transfered to a new medic station. It was a special duty assignment located in a very high profile and secure area.  It was the opposite of my old station in every way. Ive been here for almost a month now. The story's I wrote to you about at my previous station where just the tip of the iceberg of what I actually encountered out there. If I wrote you about every critical case I encountered the past 9 months I would have to write multiple times a day every day... but not now haha.

The new stations nice, almost to nice for me and I missed my old station sometimes. The chaos, carnage, anarchy, and destruction from my previous duty assignment. Was I crazy, Was I an addreline junky? God I am picky, first I complain about things being to crazy then I complain about them not being crazy enough. However if I liked it or not I needed a change and this was my new duty. I have already found positive attributes of working here, and I am only here until the end of July. I can sleep a few hours on night duty now which is pretty remarkable. I only work with 1 other person and we no longer use another crew for transport, which is better for me. I found now that I try and say good bye to every patient or shake the hand of everyone I deliver to the hospital and personally wish them luck if there conscious... something I never use to do much. I had regained some of the emotions and feelings that make me a human being. However I still had what it took inside me to go back to the insanity and get things done quickly with a strait face.

In addition to this I did some more community outreach this week and gave another presentation on road safety, this time to the British International School of Riyadh. Ill try and drum up some business for you guys to hear about later this week. I know hearing about other peoples misfortune and listening to exciting experiences is more interesting to read about!

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