Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Road safety and Seat belt presentation

It gets frustrating over here everyday with all these car accidents and unsafe driving practices. I felt compelled to do some community outreach and gave the below presentation to kids at the american international school last week. I also brought an ambulance down to the school and let the kids check it out. It was my first time doing this so forgive the excess "um's" for the first few minutes of the video. I was a bit nervous.


  1. Mykey! This is Great! It's so cool to see you, (even if it's just in a video), but it's even cooler to watch you being so selfless & giving with your time. Maybe it will inspire some of the people we know to be more active in the community here. Good job! The dummy vids were a nice touch!

  2. yes, Saudis cannot drive properly. i think it's genetic or something. I'm sure we (Saudis) witness twice the car accidents any average person encounters everyday. your presentation must be presented in Saudi public schools too! well done! :)and hey, you don't look nervous at all!!!

  3. Thank you both for the the kind words. I hope to visit some more schools in the future.