Friday, December 17, 2010

Home away from Home

Congratulations! You have just won an almost all expenses paid trip (excluding 60SAR taxi fare) to my home away from home in Riyadh, the fabulous, the one, the only,.... station 8!
Yes thats right, youll enjoy such amenities at station 8 as broken counters, broken stove, fridge full of random molds, overflowing garbage, a dirty mattress on the floor to sleep on, and more!
Some say our neighborhood is one of the worst in Riyadh, in fact many taxi drivers wont come here at night, but don't let that fool you! You will be warmly welcomed by the locals as they shout obscenities at you, fight each other with random blunt objects, and spray paint colorful vulgar words on every wall they can find.

 Station 8 can best be described as an episode of MTV cribs for homeless people or buildings that should be condemned. The trash  is often overflowing with bloody bandage's, equipment soaked in human tissue, and plenty of used needles. A real all you can eat buffet for the malnourished cats in our neighborhood. The Ferrel feline's feast upon it like vampires on a regular basis. A real treasure trove of random delights lay around the property at station 8 such as, old dirty abandon furniture, piles of wreckage, piles of broken used equipment, abandon scrap people leave, and more! On a windy day the pungent aroma of feces and raw sewage will tickle your nostrils also, secondary to the terrible and old plumbing.

In all fairness I will say that the station has been cleaned up a lot sense my arrival and we are making a continuing effort to improve it with time. Its a very old station in a very low income area. I should also note that all our medical equipment and supplies used in patient care are kept very clean and stored properly, and that the equipment and ambulances are cleaned and disinfected regularly through out the day.

Either way I wont be seeing it for the next 3 weeks because I am going on a much needed vacation to Europe. AND TRUST ME I NEED IT! Until then.... See you guys in 3 weeks.


  1. Poor? In Saudi Arabia? Excuse my western ignorance, but I assumed everyone was taken care of there. Explain more, please!!