Friday, June 25, 2010

The work visa saga continues

The good news is all my work visa paper worked passed the cultural office. The bad news is my medical report forms where rejected by consulate. The doctor that conducted my physical exam here in Portland has a simplistic stamp. "ROBERT CROUSE M.D." It does not include his licence number and clinical address. For this reason my medical papers where sent back to be corrected and then send back to the consulate for review again. 
Now I have to go down to Oregon Medical Board office on Monday and hand deliver the stuff, fill out a request to verify my doctors licence (to confirm he is a real doctor) and then send it back to the consulate. This is going to delay me at least 1-2 weeks and cost me close to $100 more, which is going to be really hard right now. Well keep on keeping on, right? Ill keep you all up to date.

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  1. hang in there. I was lucky enough to have everything pass on the first try but many many people have similar problems to what you described on their way over here. Consider this a test run for what you'll have to deal with when you show up in Saudi! =D