Saturday, February 6, 2010

Received My Preliminary Job Offer

I was beginning to doubt if I would get this job. I have kept it a secret from most my friends because Kuwait did not work out, but after months of back and forth communication, gathering documents from employers, medical licenses, college transcripts, and fingerprints, I finally received my preliminary job offer today from the Saudi Red Crescent Authority(SRCA). The SRCA is the ambulance agency in Ryahd Saudi Arabia. I found the offer very fare and accepted it. I should receive a hard copy in the mail coming fed-ex soon. This is when I will confront my first obstacle. The package with the hard copy will also include the things I will need to mail for my work visa which includes....
1. I have to complete a physical from a U.S. doctor and $500 USD worth of x-rays, labs, and test. This will all be out of pocket to me.
2. The next big hurdle will be obtaining a passport, I can expedite the passport, but this is also going to cost me big, $200 USD big.
3. $60 USD criminal background check and fingerprints. (I have already done this!)
4. The rest of it should not cost me much since my friend is a notary and includes many notarized copy's of letters from all employers in the past 5 years, sealed college transcripts, color notarized copy's of all licenses and certificates, ect.

I am going to have to go out on a limb with this one and roll the dice. My unemployment is about to run out, I have not had a full time job in over a year and I need this. On the plus side it will also be an amazing experience and adventure. I have already been communicating with the first wave of U.S. medics to hit the ground over there 2 weeks ago, they have good things to say. Another plus is my old friend Aaron who is also a Paramedic in Oregon will be coming along with me for the ride. I will be turning in my 30 days notice to leave my Apartment in Portland and staying with friends so I can retain enough of my unemployment checks to pay for the passport and physical. I sure hope this works out.

PS: Some of you may remember a failed job offer Aaron and I had in Kuwait, the reason this did not work out was because a security clearance was required, there is NO security clearance required for this job.

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